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It’s easy for behavioral health and human services organizations to get bogged down by the constant internal complexities and external factors that challenge operational and clinical excellence.


Cognitive Solutions helps navigate the intersection of technology and care delivery to streamline core processes and improve operational and financial performance

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Navigating these forces requires change

Rethinking Strategy & Developing New Organizational Plans

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Adopt engagement and telehealth tools to extend reach to clients

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Respond to the ever-changing requirements at the federal and state level

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Connect with HIEs to coordinate care across communities

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Integrate care, become CCBHCs or FQHCs, or partner with primary care providers

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Build new clinical models to provide evidence-based quality care

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Plan for new payment models that require demonstration of outcomes

Rethinking Strategy & Developing New Organizational Plans

To Support Clinical, Operational, and Revenue Cycle Changes

The Right Technology

Technology touches nearly every aspect of the care delivery system, spanning clinical, operational, and fiscal domains. Technology can significantly impact care delivery and an organization’s bottom line through automation, efficiency, and tools to support clinical care.

Connect Your Team & Your Systems

Connecting your people, processes, and technology is our superpower. Data is the new currency in healthcare. Let us help you ensure that your team can easily access and leverage the key data insights to achieve your organizational mission.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Organizations often need help with operational and technological advancement, ensuring strategic and operational alignment. We help you select the technology best suited to meet your goals and leverage best practices to get the most from it.

Help Your Team Work Smarter

We work with behavioral health and human services leaders to help you more deeply understand your technology needs and deliver fully-aligned operational strategies and technology roadmaps to help your team work smarter and more effectively.

Focus on What You Do Best

Your team has the expertise to help clients overcome behavioral health, I/DD, and substance use-related challenges. Let us be your partner in building an operational plan and technology roadmap to optimize care delivery and keep up with change.

Services for Technology Companies & Equity Firms

We also offer consulting services supporting behavioral health and human services technology companies with commercialization planning and provide behavioral health and human services market insight to equity firms.

Client Testimonials

See what clients are saying about Melissa and her team.

“Melissa is highly knowledgeable, incredibly responsive, and works hard to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Avatar image of Craig Norton

Craig Norton, Ex Officio Board Member, Jefferson Regional Health Alliance

“Melissa understands how current and emerging technologies will improve patient care and drive better outcomes.”

Avatar image Dr. Brandon Wardell

Dr. Brandon Wardell, DBH,

“Melissa is an industry expert with deep insight and an in-depth understanding of the technologies needed to support complex integrated care and behavioral health delivery systems.”

Image Avatar of Javier Favela

Javier Favela, Vice President, Behavioral Health & Integrated Care Solutions, NextGen Healthcare

“Melissa’s knowledge, deep subject matter expertise, and innovative nature helped us create something new.”

Avatar image of Jennifer Bolduc MD, FAAP, ABPM Clinical Informatics

Jennifer Bolduc MD, FAAP, ABPM Clinical Informatics